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Southern-At-Heart Hey Y'all Sentiment Sign

We couldn't love this sign any more. It is SIMPLY DIVINE and HUGE!

Give your loved ones a sneak peek into southern living at it's finest with our Southern-at-Heart Sentiment Sign! 
Distressed wood frame. Printed southern translation message. 

Southern Translations: 
"Hey Y'all" - Two or more people.
"All Y'all" - Three or more people. 
"Might Could" - Might be able to.
"Reckon" - I guess.
"Give Me Some Sugar" - Show me some affection.
"Fixin to" - I'm going to.
"Yonder" - Somewhere over there.
"Bless Your Heart" - "I don't want to hurt your feelings, but I think you're an idiot!" 

Dimensions: 44 1/2" H x 19" W

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